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How Do You Know When It’s Time to Get Organized?

  • You spend at least a few minutes every morning in a slight panic because you can’t find something you need.

  • You must rearrange things in your kitchen so that you can get to the things you need. For example, you need to move one appliance out of the way in order to use to another appliance.

  • You must shuffle past many outfits in your closet before you get to something that actually fits.

  • You have thrown shoes into the floor of your closet because you just can’t deal with the pile.

  • You fold and fold but your drawers always end up in a big jumble.

  • You realize that most of your toiletries and cosmetics are rarely used but they take up lots of room under the sink.

  • You sometimes re-buy something you already have because you either lost it or forgot you had it.

  • You just keep adding new mail to the existing pile each day. It’s just too overwhelming to face.

  • Piles of miscellaneous paper/kid’s artwork/newspapers are the first thing you see when you walk into a room.

  • You can never find a pen/the scissors/the good knife when you want them.

  • Things are not kept in logical places and never get returned to where they belong.

  • You can’t use a storage area for it’s intended purpose. Your car will not fit in the garage, your desk drawer is so full of old bills that you can’t fit in the stapler.

  • The way you store things has caused something to get broken or damaged.

  • Flat surfaces such as countertops and tables are piled up with papers, books, clothing and other miscellaneous items.

  • You have no idea what’s in the back of the cabinet.

  • Your have more furniture devoted to storage than devoted to places to sit and relax.

  • Opening a closet, drawer or cabinet fills you with anxiety because things are likely to tumble out.

  • You feel cramped in your home because of the quantity of things that take up space.

  • When you come home at the end of the day, there’s not a place for your things to rest for the night.

  • You have considered moving just so you would have more room for your things.

  • You are disheartened by the way your home looks.

  • 1st Step

    Schedule A Free Consultation

    Let’s begin with a 15 minute phone consultation to get an overview of your needs and how my services might help you across the finish line.

  • 2nd Step

    Schedule An Appointment

    Whether in person or virtual, you’ll receive a package of information and guidance to prepare you for our work together.

  • 3rd Step

    Address Challenging Issues

    With guidance and support, the process is relaxed but focused. There’s no judgment and you won’t feel pressured to give up things you want to keep. 

  • Final Result

    Make Room For Serenity

    Once you begin to make more room for serenity in your home,  joy will begin to find it’s way into other area of your life as well!

    The Serene Home also offers a virtual organization program for those who are outside of the NYC area.


“Once you learn to choose your belongings properly, you will be left only with the amount that fits perfectly in the space you currently own.”

~ Marie Kondo

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