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The Serene Home Talks to the Moving Experts at FlatRate Moving

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Most of us will expect to experience a move every five to ten years. A growing family, a new job opportunity, or even downsizing to a more manageable size home are some of the happy reasons we look for a new home.

But, finding your perfect new home is just the first step in a move.
Moving can be stressful and challenging! The planning and preparation done ahead of time can make all the difference in reducing the amount of disruption your family will experience. We often work with clients who have recently moved and found that, many times, their move could have gone better with a little pre-planning.

I partnered with the moving specialists at FlatRate Moving to find out how pre-planning and choosing the right movers can make for a more pleasant moving experience.

Tell me a little about FlatRate Moving!

Since our start in 1991, we have introduced a totally new concept in moving – offering customers an all-inclusive, guaranteed, one-price move, with no surprise costs. Building upon our success as New York’s largest moving company, FlatRate Moving offers hassle-free, customer-focused services in other major cities and states, including New Jersey, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Miami, and Orlando.

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What are some of the things that make you unique as a moving company?

Not only do we move individuals, families, and businesses, but we are also able to move the world’s most respected organizations throughout the world. We are certified to move families in the U.S Military as well as diplomats at the United Nations.

Also, our luxury white glove moving service sets us apart from other moving companies by providing a peaceful moving experience done with as little noise as possible. Our white glove services is perfect for clients moving in and out of luxury buildings who could benefit from our discrete black moving trucks, special handling of furniture, top-of-the-line packing materials, and custom wood crating.

We’ve all heard stories about moves that have gone wrong, what are some of the ways someone who is getting ready to move can reduce the risk of a bad experience?

It is also important to choose your movers wisely when planning your move and pick a mover that will provide you with a price based on inventory rather than an hourly price. One big mistake people tend to make is choosing a moving company that is unlicensed or that offers a low hourly rate because the price will often end up being higher at the end of the move due to the move taking longer as well as traffic and parking issues outside of the customer’s control.

To best prepare for your move and help make the day run smoother, it is ideal to start the planning process at least 30 days in advance and start getting quotes from companies at least three weeks before your move.

To avoid last minute packing stress, it is always a good idea to pack in advance of your move day. When packing, you should always use professional moving boxes that are designed to stack and pack any medication and living essentials separately.

What are some of the mistakes you see clients make when getting ready for a move?
How can partnering with a professional organizer help?

Some common mistakes people make while moving:
1. Thinking that moving is one day process. The moving process starts 3-4 days before the move (packing) and lasts 3-4 days after the move (unpacking and settling in at your new place). We recommend preparing a suitcase for a one-week period, that way you will have everything that you need accessible for you until you settle into your new place.

2. Assuming that all your furniture will fit in your new home. Some of your furniture will likely not fit, so think carefully about what you should take with you to your new place.

3. Thinking you can pack everything on your own, especially your most fragile items that require extra care when packing, such as antique furniture or expensive artwork. If possible, it is best to work with a moving company who can provide crating and special protection to avoid any possible damage from occurring during the move.

If you decide to pack yourself, it’s helpful to start packing early as people often underestimate the amount of time it might take. We also recommend researching packing instructions to help guide you while packing, and using professional packing materials especially for long distance moves. It’s also important to use proper boxes when packing specific items, for example, picture frames should be packed in a picture box.

4. Even with full packing service, keep in mind that you will still need to pack some of your items and be involved in setting up your new place.

5. Partnering with a professional organizer is a great idea when moving because they can help you de-clutter your items and decide what to toss or donate and what to keep with you. A professional organizer can also help you label your boxes so that you can easily locate them in your new home.

What are some of your favorite tips to help make the moving process more joyful?

Some of our favorite tips include:
1. Have a separate list for high-value items. This is important to have to emphasize to your movers that they need to be extra careful with those items.

2. It is best to notify your moving company of any elevator restrictions in the buildings you are moving from and to in order to make sure your moving company is supplying your building with the proper Certificate of Insurance (COI) information.

3. Pack essentials you will need right away when you arrive at your new place such as your cell phone charger, jewelry, and medicine in a separate labeled box or overnight bag that you can easily locate once you get to your new home.

4. Packing is the most important part of moving because how well your items are packed determines in what shape they will arrive. The best approach is to let professionals do it or if you choose to pack yourself, do it carefully. See our Youtube videos for how to pack like a pro: How to Pack Up Your Kitchen

The FlatRate Moving app is really amazing! Tell me about how the app came about and what it does.

The idea to develop the app originally came from customer feedback on how to make their move more seamless. Customers kept asking if there was a way to track their moving truck on moving day. Initially, booking and managing a move online was novel and convenient but customers had to call our customer service line for additional requests, questions, and clarifications.

Even though our website and customer service hotlines are completely functional for booking, managing, and tracking a move, we knew that an all-in-one moving and storage app was what we needed to truly deliver convenience to our customers. We want to make sure our clients can manage their move by using the My FlatRate app before, during, and after their move.

My FlatRate gives clients the ability to track their truck on move day, write a review for and tip moving staff, create a photo inventory of all items being moved, edit move details, and retrieve items from storage, all without needing to speak with a customer service representative. Plus ‘manage the move’ – including logistics, confirmation, and any last-minute changes, including options for extra packing services and protection or any adjustments the movers should be aware of.

My FlatRate app can be easily downloaded directly from the App store or on Google Play.

I often get calls from clients who want to organize before their move, but they sometimes have a hard time deciding what they will need and what furniture will or won’t work in their new homes. What do you advise moving clients consider when deciding what to leave behind or to take with them?

When getting ready for a move, it is beneficial to organize and de-clutter your home before packing. A professional organizer can come in handy here to help you sort through your closet and kitchen areas to decide which items are no longer in use or essential.

You should dig through your home and decide what to take with you as well as what to get rid of, sell, or donate so that you only take what you need with you especially when moving long distance or into storage as moving more items can increase the price of your move.

What do you find is the most rewarding aspect of helping people move? 

The most rewarding aspect of helping our clients move is knowing that we are able to make their transitions smooth and stress-free so that they can enjoy the excitement of moving into a new home.

How can people get in touch with you?

To get in touch with us or get a free quote for your move, you can give us a call at 212-988-9292 or visit our website at FlatRate Moving FlatRate Moving